Lindsey Ecker

About the Coordinator

Lindsey Ecker is a Health Strategist who has been researching health for over 9 years. She is an Advanced PSYCH-K Facilitator, an Access Bars Practitioner, Wildhood Nature Immersion Guide, Owner of Mindful Movement for Moms and Kids, Mental Health Advocate and Certified Mindfulness Instructor and certified aromatherapist in training using doTERRA essential oils. She is passionate about discovering health for the whole person and supports people in finding the best practitioners and modalities, nutrition and supplements, activities and protocols for their specific health needs. She loves partnering with other health practitioners to teach courses like Oral Health = Heart Health, Aroma Yoga, Artistic Journalling, Smoothie Mixology, Meditation and Visualization workshops, Vision board retreats, and more!

Contact Lindsey to become a vendor, speaker, to collaborate or to book a wellness consultation.