Happy & Healthy Summit

Learning to Thrive Instead of Survive.

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Happy & Healthy Summit:
Learning to Thrive instead of survive

Lindsey Ecker and The Healing Power of Nature are thrilled to present our Online Health Summit Series: Happy & Healthy.

We recognize that life is busy and that people who are new to health and wellness don’t have time to spend hours all day away from their families sitting and listening to health experts. We wanted to be able to offer this inspiring and educational information in a way that works for busy people!

So you’ll be able to access 20 + new talks from this year’s summit as well as 32 talks from last year’s summit by purchasing the Happy & Healthy Summit package.

We have health experts from Toronto, London, Chatham, Windsor, the US and in between speaking on topics like Thyroid, Auto-Immunity, Cancer, Mental Health, Thermography, Hypnosis, the Power of the Mind, Energy Healing, Nutrition, Moving Your Body, Meditation and more!

Buy today to make sure you get access to this invaluable content! Each practitioner has offered a full session just for YOU which all added up would be thousands of dollars! PLUS, each practitioner is offering bonus content like PDFs, Ebooks, discounts and more ONLY to people who purchase the summit!

A portion of proceeds from the summit are going to various local charities as per each practitioner’s wishes. Help to give yourself the gift of a Happy & Healthy Spring and Summer and spread that gift to others by helping each of us to keep sharing the new research and information we learn about how to live your best life and be healthy!

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Online Summit Video Speakers

  • Dr. Steve Schiefer

    Dr. Schiefer is currently in his 10th year of practice in optometry. He graduated in 2008 from the Illinois College of Optometry. As of September 2017, Dr. Schiefer relocated his practice to better serve in his hometown of Leamington. Outside of the office, Steve enjoys running, hockey, the outdoors, and most importantly spending time with his wife, and their three children.
  • Dr. Janice Davie

    I am licenced as a Naturopathic Doctor in Ontario through the College of Naturopaths of Ontario (CONO) as well as an Acupuncturist with the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Acupuncturists of Ontario (CTCMPAO). I am a member in good standing with both the Canadian and Ontario Associations of Naturopathic Doctors and I have completed additional training in Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, and Environmental Medicine.

    My general family practice has a specific focus in preconception and fertility support, women’s health issues and pregnancy, thyroid disease, paediatrics, digestive health, and autoimmune disease.
  • Lindsey Ecker

    Lindsey Ecker is your wise guide to health and wellness for the whole person using the most natural supports from the earth. Her expertise with Access Bars, PSYCH-K, galvanic skin response, pulse and muscle testing, aromatherapy, nature immersion therapy and strategic health coaching help people to bring their body and mind back to homeostasis and peace. As a certified Mindfulness Instructor she has created two programs that have transformed the way people look at emotions and mental health. She brings health and wellness to communities through her Holistic Health and Wellness Expos, Online Summits and collaborative workshops on many health topics including her upcoming Before.During.After.Cancer. event.
  • Jordan Scott

    Inspired by the power of nature, I set off on an adventure in natural health practices and products, only to find myself thriving on the path I walk today. This path is not one that remains steady and straight however, it meanders and flows freely like a river, reflecting the song of my soul. My song of who I am and what my purpose is here continues to evolve, and so do the gifts that I offer to my community. My goal is to help you make positive changes in your life that lead to a healthy mind, body and soul, using my training in holistic health, psychology, shamanism and herbal medicine. I invite you to take your next step toward holistic wellness with me.
  • Emilee Fernandes

    Emilee Fernandes is an innovator in the field of medical aesthetics. Continuing with consulting on aesthetics foundations, Her mission is to inspire aesthetics and spa professionals to achieve next level treatment results through the combination of ancient medical therapies and modern technology. Emilee is a certified Medical Aesthetician (Canadian Beauty College) and also a Dr, Vodder Advanced Neck and Face Aesthetician (ASRECC). She continues to educate herself through post-graduate courses.

    Having spent the first years of her career in the education sector, Emilee noticed gaps in the skin care curriculum. After building a unique spa brand, Jem Glamorganic Medical Spa, and starting her own spiritual journey, Emilee focused on restoring not only her client's natural luminescence but also healing their whole body, spirit, and soul with skin care.

    Combining Reiki therapy, Ayurvedic Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Lymphatic drainage, crystal frequency, and a solid passion for skin care physiology, she realized her unique treatments provided unmatched client success. Emilee decided it was time to bring her concept to the masses as a new-age approach to aesthetics. Emilee is passionate about educating other skin therapists on the benefits of a unique, collaborative, whole-body mindset.
  • Jen Mayhew

    Jen is a Registered Dental Hygienist who has been in the dental field for over 15 years. During her career she has continuously studied and practiced both in dentistry and health and wellness. In 2015 she opened Embrace Dental Hygiene in Amherstburg merging her passion for health and the field of dental hygiene. Embrace Dental Hygiene is one of Windsor Essex’s only independent dental hygiene practices. Jen provides customized dental hygiene care for her clients with a focus on natural prevention. Her integrative approach combines diet, habit, lifestyle modifications and science based treatment. Jen’s whole body approach to preventative dentistry promotes optimal health outcomes.

    Dental disease has become an all too frequent concern. 36% of children under 5 experience tooth decay and 85% of adults have some form of gum disease. Treating a cavity does not eliminate the disease that caused it. Dental treatment often begins a cycle of treatment that continues for lifetime. Jen works collaboratively with her clients to educate, support and empower them. Understanding your own health and risk factors is the key to disease prevention and avoiding the cycle of treatment.
  • Dennis Rogers

    Green Heart Catering:"The Green Heart Lunch Club is operated by Green Heart Catering Services. Our team is based in (and from) Essex County and have a passion for food—real food! We care about where food comes from, how it is grown, and how it is made. Our seasonal, six week rotating menu is carefully designed by our Certified Nutritionist and we only use the best quality ingredients to ensure all of your child’s nutritional needs are met. It is important for us to support local farmers and we strive to promote the health and well-being of children and youth in our community.
  • Amie Elias

    Traumatic Incident & Life Stress Reduction Facilitator
    Energy Practitioner

    My name is Amie and I love helping others to do their most important work- on themselves. I see clients in private practice for Traumatic Incident Reduction (TIR), Life Stress Reduction, and Energy work. I opened Doors to Healing in 2018 and feel blessed to be given the job of opening the door for others on their healing journey. My hope is to spread hope and to share TIR and other modalities in Applied Metapsychology with as many people in my lifetime as I can. I know it works and I want it for everyone who seeks it.
    I’d love to meet you, the tea is always on.
  • Rosemary Heenan

    #1 Bestselling Author in the Field of Business
    Soul Purpose Success Mentor

    Rosemary Heenan specializes in helping clients dig deep into their core and eliminate the painful limiting beliefs that are blocking them from achieving what they desire.

    “What you believe about yourself and the world, as well as how you feel about yourself, will direct the actions you take and the success you will create or not create. Your inner world determines your outer results, all the time. If you are struggling with a lack of complete self-love and self-esteem, creating the life you desire can only happen with extreme effort.”

    One of the key tools Rosemary uses to help her clients is scientific Hand Analysis. This process reveals the client’s true essence and her significant strengths and challenges.A Hand Analysis or Life Purpose reading provides both insight and validation and facilitates the process of letting go of what stops the client from creating what she desires.

    Rosemary Heenan is an internationally recognized, intuitive Soul Purpose Mentor, author, speaker and certified transformational coach. In her previous career, Rosemary was a professor of Early Childhood Education at St. Clair College for over 31 years.

    Rosemary’s recent book, Conversations with Local Business Mavericks achieved Amazon Best Seller status.
  • Tania Radu


    I am a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, with a focus on kid and teen nutrition through working one on one, workshops and educational talks. Working to get children and teens interested in nutrition and how it can impact their lives in mental health, physical health and overall wellness. This will lead to overall healthier and more empowered starts in life.
  • Patty Soucie


    Patty Soucie has been learning from nature for as long as she can remember. For the past 22 years, Patty has lived on 12 acres of forest land. Living harmoniously with nature, she has learned how each season changes in the forest, as we change in our lives as well. Anticipation of springs potential, a summer full of growth, letting go in the fall of what is ready to move and a winter engaged with rest and rejuvenation; all to begin again day-after-day. Reiki in the Woods and Forest Bathing the Senses is a full sensory immersion in the beauty and wonder of nature. By slowing to the pulse and rhythm of nature, we listen to the whispers of our own intuition. Patty, together with the forest, will guide you through finding more balance in your life. Nature takes our breath away and breaths new life into us. Contact Patty Soucie for your own breath taking experience.
  • Kelly MacLellan


    Take steps to grow spiritually, professionally and personally with a life and career coach who will guide you back on your path. Author Kelly MacLellan MSc, founder of Embrace Your Life Coaching provides you with a customized strategy to realize your potential.
  • Linda Skowby

    At U Studio, Linda Skowby will take you into your life and take that Life Shift with you. Not only for you to see what is out there, but what you are capable of and what you can manifest! Linda is also certified in Reflexology and Touch Healing.
  • Sandra Cooze

    Life Story Transformation Coach

    My name is Sandra. I’m a Life Story Transformation Coach. I help trauma survivors transform their victim mentality and support them in awakening to their immeasurable worth and innate power. I am also a Trauma Coach, Intuitive Writer, Reiki Master/Teacher and Holistic Jewelry Designer.
  • Allison Fazekas

    At U Studio, Allison May brings an attentive unique eye to fitness and the fitness industry, she is very focused with all of her clients and classes, Allison is a Natural CPS (Canadian Physic Alliance Competitor), She has been active throughout her whole life and is a Mother of 2.
  • Devanni Peters

    Experience How The Powerful Practice of Yoga Nidra Can Transform Your Life

    Hi my name is Devanni and I am a Yoga/Yoga Nidra teacher. I live and teach yoga in Leamington. My journey has taken me deeper into myself after spending 8 months living, studying and immersing myself in a yoga lifestyle. I now feel guided to help others transform and look deeper within. The answers we are looking for are inside of us. "Be still and know."

    As well as teach I also now offer Yoga Nidra workshops and Ayurvedic and yogic cooking classes around the Essex County area. Stay connected to upcoming workshops.

    What is Yoga Nidra

    Yoga Nidra is a practice in quieting the mind, it is a sleep based meditation for deep relaxation and healing. It is a practice done lying down comfortably with your eyes closed, turning your attention inward away from outer experiences as techniques are used to slow down the brain waves. This is yoga for everybody.
  • Shelley Guyitt

    RRPr, LDT, Holistic Therapist
    Tranquil Effects Day Spa
    1202 Oak St E.
    Leamington ,Ont

    Shelley began her career as a holistic therapist in 2004 when she took a reflexology course with the Ontario College of Reflexology, Indian Head Massage, hot stone therapy and hand reflexology. In October 2008, Tranquil Effects was born. Tranquil Effects is owned and operated solely by Shelley Guyitt in her home in Leamington Ontario. Since opening, Shelley has completed an ear candling course, Levels 1 and 2 of Cranio Sacral Therapy and lymphatic drainage level 4.
  • John Sullivan

    A former Roman Catholic priest in the Basilian Fathers , he was a high school teacher and coach as well as a counsellor and head coach of the St. Clair College Saints hockey team. After leaving the priesthood, he married his wife, Crystal, and spent six years in Zambia, Central Africa. They spent the first three years teaching at the secondary school level and the last three working at the National Level on two different projects simultaneously: the first in a Development Education Program tying faith to development and the second with youth, as the National Animators of the Christian Life Communities of Zambia. Both of their children were born in Zambia and they now have three grandchildren.

    Returning to Canada John worked at St. Clair College as a counsellor and professor while completing his Masters of Counselling Psychology. Later he was personally trained by Dr. Harville Hendrix as both a clinical therapist and as a Getting the Love You Want workshop presenter. He has been giving workshops and seeing clients around the States and Canada for the past twenty seven years.

    John passionately believes the tools are available in today’s world to have the relationship couples truly want and has combined his years of experience teaching, coaching and counselling to help couples do just that. “I prefer the term coach, to therapist or counsellor, as the connotation around those words is that there is something wrong with the person; whereas, as a coach, there is nothing wrong with my players, but sometimes what they are doing is not working. I believe the same is true of relationships”.

    All sports use systems and teach skills. The system he teaches is Imago Relationship Therapy along with the four basic skills that can help anyone create a great relationship. To love well is a skill, but like any skill you need to practice the right thing. John guarantees you will improve your communication with your partner if you can just implement the skills required to create your dream relationship.
  • Jessica Smalls

    Jessica Smalls is a Spiritual Development Specialist and owner of Spirit Academy Sarnia. She has made life her mission to create an alchemy of peace, passion and healing for all.
    Author of Lifestyle Change Made Easy and Foundation of Fire, Jessica has a gift for the spoken and written word that was apparent even as a child. She Channels for Red Star Oracle and the Spirit Council of the Thirteen Grandmothers. She is considered by these energies a Mother of Humanity, here to prepare the children of Earth to usher back the age of sacred connection. Jessica roots herself in science and sees the patterns and deeper meanings in all things. She is here to bring back the light and take flight.
  • Natalie Morse

    As a pharmacist and certified functional medicine practitioner I founded Universal Health Rx. I address nutrition, lifestyle, emotional health, physical health and mindset with my clients to guide them on their own individual healing journey. We use state of the art functional lab testing to uncover the roots of dis-ease in the body. I offer workshops to the public to increase their education about relevant health topics. Such workshops have covered osteoporosis, drug induced nutrient depletion, diabetes, detoxification, brain health and autoimmunity to name a few.

Our next expo is November 9-10 at the Kingsville Lakeside Park pavilion, 10-4 each day

Lindsey Ecker

About the Coordinator

Lindsey Ecker is a Health Strategist who has been researching health for over 9 years. She is an Advanced PSYCH-K Facilitator, an Access Bars Practitioner, Wildhood Nature Immersion Guide, Owner of Mindful Movement for Moms and Kids, Mental Health Advocate, Certified Mindfulness Instructor and certified aromatherapist in training using doTERRA essential oils. She is passionate about discovering health for the whole person and supports people in finding the best practitioners and modalities, nutrition and supplements, activities and protocols for their specific health needs. She loves partnering with other health practitioners to teach courses like Oral Health = Heart Health, Aroma Yoga, Artistic Journalling, Smoothie Mixology, Meditation and Visualization workshops, Vision board retreats, and more!

Contact Lindsey to become a vendor, speaker, to collaborate or to book a wellness consultation.